About the Cold Care Group

The Cold Care Group is the undisputed market leader in the construction of large-scale controlled environments. With a solution-oriented and proactive approach, we specialize in designing and building tailored controlled environments for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food industry, distribution, and transportation sectors.

Group of Leading Companies

The Cold Care Group is a group of comprised leading companies in advanced cold and freezer warehouse construction, all sharing the same vision and passion for the industry. Each affiliated company brings its own expertise and experience, ensuring that the Cold Care Group consistently delivers high-quality and maximum flexibility to its customers.

Our Core Values

Our companies share the following core values:

  • Maximum Performance
  • Customer Focus
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Integrity

Our Mission

Globally, the Cold Care Group's mission is to be the preferred partner for designing and constructing of energy efficient systems for cold storage and food processing facilities. Our goal is to meet customer needs by delivering the most energy-efficient solutions of the highest quality, without compromising on speed and final outcomes.

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How We Ensure Quality

Collectively, the companies within the Cold Care Group have over 200 years of experience, distributed among approximately 300 dedicated employees. Moreover, over the years, we have established strong relationships with a leading customer base for cold storage facilities in Europe. Thanks to the extensive reach of our network and our specialization, we can source the best products from the most reputable suppliers.

Proud members of the Cold Care Group