Insulated Panels

Insulated panels for refrigeration and freezer warehouses must meet several stringent requirements. They need to have high insulation values, withstand extreme temperatures, and comply with hygiene regulations. Our insulated panels are composed of two or more materials, with the insulated material placed in the middle. The outer materials are typically steel, aluminum, or composite.

This ensures a robust and durable construction that can withstand the extreme conditions in a controlled environment. The quality of the controlled environment relies on these panels and their installation.

Our Approach: Expertise at Every Stage

Only through the use of the right materials and precise installation can we guarantee temperature, hygiene, and air quality according to the highest quality standards. With options like foodsafe coatings, the panels can withstand challenges and meet the stringent hygiene regulations in the food industry.

Foodsafe coatings are specially developed for use in the food industry. They resist chemicals, water, and dirt, allowing the panels to be easily cleaned and maintained hygienically.

The panels are available in various insulation values, coatings, and dimensions, making it possible to tailor them perfectly to the specific needs of each project.

Our Quality Products

By collaborating with reputable suppliers, we deliver the best insulation panels for controlled environments.