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The Cold Care Group comprises several leading companies specializing in the design and construction of cooling, freezing, and food processing facilities. Together, they have around 300 dedicated employees and over 200 years of combined experience. They all share the same passion and drive to provide energy-efficient solutions of the highest quality, without compromising on speed and final outcomes.

Proud members of the Cold Care Group:

De IJzeren Man

De IJzeren Man specializes in all aspects of roof cladding and insulation, ranging from aluminum gutters to roof tile sheets and ceramic facades. In their own sheet metal workshop, all necessary corner and finishing profiles are produced in-house. For over  40 years, De IJzeren Man has been synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation.

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Isocab Construct

Isocab Construct has been a leading partner since 1973 in the design, installation, and maintenance of standard and custom-made refrigerated and freezer cells. The company consistently invests in quality and innovation, maintaining a team of skilled and reliable employees.

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K.I.M. Nederland

K.I.M. Nederland is the very first investment of the Cold Care Group, marking the establishment of our network in 2021. With around 65 employees and over half a century of experience in the field, K.I.M. Nederland is a market leader in the creation of controlled environments. With its own sheet metal workshop and in-house assembly, K.I.M. Nederland is capable of providing fully customized solutions.

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Roma Netherlands

Roma Netherlands excels in the design and construction of high-quality refrigeration and freezer warehouses in the Benelux. Additionally, Roma Netherlands introduces its own brand of insulated panels and doors. The company boasts approximately 75 dedicated employees and over 45 years of experience in the field.

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The Ruys Group

The Ruys Group consists of seven specialized companies that are leading in efficient and sustainable industrial flooring. Many international food processing companies know, have, or want a Ruys floor. Preferably with innovative drainage systems and hygienic wall protection, which can be directly integrated and assembled into the design. There is years of experience in supplying industrial floors in countries such as Belgium, Germany, America, Spain, Italy, and North Africa.

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Stinstra Projecten en Kozijnen

Stinstra Projecten en Kozijnen is a specialized international partner focusing on the construction of refrigerated and freezer cells, controlled environments, facade cladding, and cleanrooms for the production of items such as bread and dairy. In addition, Stinstra Kozijnen handles the supply and installation of plastic and aluminum window frames. With approximately 25 employees, Stinstra has been specializing in the construction of controlled environments in the food industry for over 20 years.

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VIB Isolatietechniek

All of VIB's projects involve customization. This means that all projects carried out in consultation with the customer can be made exactly as desired. The products required for customization are largely manufactured in our own production facilities. VIB's sales and project team are experienced advisors, who develop all ideas into a perfect project in consultation with the clients. With all available experience, quality, service and reliability an absolute formula for success.

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