Service and Maintenance

Welcome to Cold Door Solutions

Service, Maintenance, and Replacement of Doors

Cold Door Solutions is a nationwide service organization within the Cold Care Group, specializing in service, maintenance, and replacement for all types of doors in conditioned spaces within the controlled environment market.

When your door is under our maintenance, you opt for prompt service and knowledgeable specialists.

We care for your door!

Our approach: periodic and preventive maintenance

In areas of frequent operation, damage, wear, and malfunctions are ever-present risks. Not something you want to encounter as a large refrigeration and freezing facility. Furthermore, it is crucial to counteract energy loss, and for that, continuous monitoring and adjustment are necessary.

That's why we offer periodic and preventive maintenance upon the completion of our projects. Additionally, this is legally required for many doors such as fire doors, freezer sliding doors, insulated overhead doors, and industrial hinged doors, in accordance with EN16005.

Our Quality Service

By collaborating and conducting preventive maintenance, doors, seals, mechanisms, and moving parts last longer. This results in lower operating costs, and we can provide more warranty on delivered systems. Our skilled service technicians specialize in the installation, replacement, and renovation of refrigeration doors and industrial doors. Our service department is 24/7 available to help you out! Please call: 0031 (0)55-36899195