Solutions for refrigeration Doors

In the controlled environment industry, both refrigeration doors and freezer doors are crucial for maintaining the temperature and air quality of a cold room and freezer room. Doors play a key role in facilitating incoming and outgoing airflows while keeping the cold inside the cell. This can be achieved with standard-sized refrigeration doors or custom-produced refrigeration doors such as high-speed freezer doors (airlock).

We always strive to achieve the right balance between accessibility, energy savings, room temperature, air quality, and costs.

Our approach: comprehensive solutions

Our range of refrigeration, freezing, and industrial doors includes sliding doors, refrigerated hinged doors, horizontal and vertical freezer doors, and industrial hinged doors. Each door in our assortment complies with the strictest hygiene standards, where functionality and reliability go hand in hand with attractive design. Taking into account aspects such as storage type, space conditions, and additional specifications, we are pleased to advise on the ideal door type, optimal door thickness, and suitable insulation levels for desired results.

By involving us early in the process, we can provide advice and create a door solution that perfectly fits your specific needs.

With partners like Roma Netherlands and K.I.M. Netherlands and our focus on customer relationships, we offer not just products but a complete service experience. Every aspect, from our well-equipped service vans to our planning tools and expert teams, is designed to exceed our customers' expectations.

Our quality products

Through collaboration with reputable suppliers, we deliver the finest quality products for controlled environments.

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