Ruys Group and Cold Care Group Join Forces

Apeldoorn, December 18, 2023.

The Ruys Group, a specialist and market leader in industrial flooring, is set to join forces with the Cold Care Group. This move further strengthens the Cold Care Group's international position in the construction of conditioned commercial spaces, aligning with their mission to consistently deliver high-quality and maximum flexibility to customers.

The Ruys Group comprises seven specialized companies, leading in efficient and sustainable industrial flooring. Many international food processing companies are familiar with, have, or aspire to have a Ruys floor, preferably equipped with innovative drainage systems and hygienic wall protection that can be seamlessly integrated and assembled into the design. The Ruys Group has extensive experience in supplying industrial flooring to countries such as Belgium, Germany, the United States, Spain, Italy, and North Africa.

"Both the Ruys Group and the companies within the Cold Care Group have a strong presence in the food processing industry. By bringing these companies together, a beautiful synergy emerges between the flooring on one hand and the conditioned spaces on the other. In both new build and renovation, we are an exceptionally strong, flexible, and efficient partner for our clients. I am delighted that we can add the Ruys Group to our Group and that Hendrik Ruys and his management team, will continue to lead the group on a daily basis. I am eagerly looking forward to the collaboration," said Ben Claaszen, CEO of Cold Care Group.

Melvin Sie, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Cold Care Group and Partner at NewPort Capital, adds, "The addition of the Ruys companies to the Cold Care Group marks a significant strategic step in the consolidation efforts of NewPort and its portfolio company CCG. Over the past five decades, Ruys Group has proven itself as the flooring specialist for the food sector, and in the market its proprietary developed industrial floors are synonymous with quality and durability. With the extensive knowledge and international experience of the Ruys Group, this 'collaboration of forces' is a definite strengthening for the Cold Care Group. Moreover, the specialists from the Ruys Group already consider themselves practically colleagues with the companies already affiliated with the Cold Care Group. They have been working closely together for years on leading projects, knowing exactly how to efficiently align with each other during the construction process."

About the Cold Care Group

The Cold Care Group is the absolute market leader in the construction of large-scale conditioned spaces. With a solution-oriented and proactive approach, they specialize in tailored design and construction of conditioned spaces for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food industry, distribution, and transport sectors. In addition to the Ruys Group, the Cold Care Group in the Netherlands includes: K.I.M. Nederland, Roma Nederland, De IJzeren Man, Stinstra Kozijnen & Projecten, Cold Door Solutions, and VIB Isolatietechniek. In Belgium and France, the Cold Care Group is active as Isocab-Construct, Hosa, and Isocab Cleanroom Construction.

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About the Ruys Group

Also based in Apeldoorn, the Ruys Group has proven itself over the past 50 years in advising and realizing efficient and sustainable industrial floors. With subsidiaries such as Ruys Vloeren, SR Vloeren, De Bedrijfsvloer, DR Flexjoint, AS Vloerwerken, RS Maatwerk, and MR Vloeren located throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, they ensure synergy in flooring expertise. For each unique project, the most suitable comprehensive solution is achieved.

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